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In addition to the issue of forced marriage, bride kidnapping may have other negative effects on the young women and their society.

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In this year's Guide, you’ll notice newcomers, such as Tippett Rise, established 2016 in Fishtail, Montana, and old faithfuls, like the Salzburg Festival, founded in that historic city in 1920 and not standing still: Cecilia Bartoli will be singing Maria in Our feature story reviews summer music programs that enable "grown-up" individuals to practice a favorite avocation, make friends, and, in many cases, enjoy the scenery.

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Once back at Olivia’s home in Chicago, Ethan is riding high from his whirlwind stint in LA and comes bearing gifts – a mini Ipad with his app loaded, linking her to the amazing reception the re-lease of her first novel has received plus an offer to meet with his agent.

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